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About is a fun, co-play experience designed by education experts for parents and teachers to teach their children to read — with the love, care, and joy only a parent, teacher, and child can share.

Lessons are fully scripted, so they don't require any special training or knowledge for parents or teachers to become effective reading instructors. This program takes children from letter recognition to confident reading.

Included in the program is:

  • 99 scripted, easy-to-follow, co-play, 20-minute phonics lessons
  • 60 scaffolded & decodable digital books, with the first 14 books in a co-read format
  • 4 digital games (for independent skill development & reinforcement)
  • 5 printable games & activities

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I firmly believe that reading is the key to unlocking all other learning, so when my own son showed an interest in learning to read, I was ecstatic. In an effort to give him the absolute best head start and to help him foster a love of reading, I began my search to find a reading program that was fun and engaging, backed by research, and one we could do together. What I found was that there were reading programs out there, but nothing that really hit the nail on the head. We found apps, but they were made for a child to play on their own to supplement learning elsewhere, nothing more. There were decodable books, but they weren't enough on their own. There were lesson manuals, but they weren't engaging and required a lot of prep on my part.

"While I managed to teach my son to read, I knew that by the time my daughter was ready to read, we could make something a whole lot better."

With decades of experience creating effective education programs that people love, the team behind me at rallied together to create so that parents like myself had the best possible solution to teach their children to read. We are so proud that our program does more than just entertain and passively expose kids to phonics concepts, but actually systematically teaches them how to read in a fun way, with the support of a caring adult, and using a method supported by the science of reading. I can't wait for you to experience the joy of teaching your own child to read; I can tell you first hand that there's nothing like it!

Austin Butler, CEO

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