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Your child will learn to read!

Best app to teach your kid to read!

99 step-by-step phonics lessons that make teaching how to read easy.
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Developed with ❤️ by Education Experts is the ground-breaking phonics program brought to you by, a world leader in education helping over 64 million children since 1998.


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Direct Instruction method

Did you know?

Children are 19x more likely to learn from an app when using it with a parent!

Psychology Today, March 2022
  • Everything you need is in easy step-by-step lessons that take just 20 minutes a day—plus the one secret ingredient you won't find in other apps: YOU!
  • is the only reading app that is specifically designed for a parent and child to use together.
  • Thanks to simple guided instruction, you'll not only experience your child mastering each lesson, but will also foster a lifelong love of reading you can share together.


Only 99 lessons, 20 minutes a day.

Your child will learn to read!

Is your child expressing interest in reading? Do you want to develop a young reader but are unsure of how to do it? Is your child halfway through kindergarten and unable to read simple words without memorizing or guessing?

With you hold the power to be the best reading teacher your child will ever have.

Teaching your child to read has never been easier!

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Watch your child grow
into a fluent reader!

1. Learning Letters

To start, your child will develop a strong foundation in letter recognition, letter-sound knowledge, and other pre-reading skills. You will guide them as they practice writing letters, develop phonemic awareness, and deepen their understanding of letter sounds through interactive games.

2. Blending Letters

In this phase, your child will use their letter-sound knowledge to begin blending letters together to read words. Your child will become adept at using our sound sliders to support them in decoding words with short vowel sounds and both slow and fast consonants.

3. Reading Books

Once your child has a foundation in word-blending skills, it's time to read books! Our co-read format will ease your child into book reading in a supportive way. Together you will read fun and engaging stories, reveal hidden pictures, and check for understanding by answering comprehension questions.

4. Advanced Decoding

As your child begins reading more advanced, multi-line text and graduates from co-read books, they'll need the support of advanced decoding skills. In this phase, your child will learn about long vowel sounds, digraphs, and irregular sight words, as well as how to approach common types of punctuation.

5. Reading Fluency

In this final phase of reading development, your child will learn to read smoothly and accurately by expanding their sight word knowledge, vocabulary, and exposure to more complex text. Becoming a fluent reader will enable your child to understand and enjoy books, which is key to developing a lifelong love of reading!

Teaching your child to read has never been easier!

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"It is easy to commit to such a short time and we are already seeing results."
Megan C.
(Mom of 4 & 6yo)

Teaching your child to read has never been easier!

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