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What if teaching your child to read felt like magic?

It’s almost time! We’re building the first digital platform backed by decades of science to help you teach your child to read. Interactive lessons, books, and games will captivate their attention and lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Get a taste of what’s to come by playing the first mini-game with your preschooler right now...

“The confidence my daughter has now that she can turn letters into words and words into stories is so special!”

Cate M.
Long Island, New York

Harness a remarkable new way to play together

  1. The easiest head start you’ll ever give puts research-backed, step-by-step lessons right into your hands. Usher your child from basic letter recognition to confident reading in just 20 minutes a day.
  2. Supercharged superparent powers Armed with self-reinforcing games and clear direction, your child will cherish reading as its own reward and you for being the best teacher they could ever hope for. No cape? No problem.
  3. The most meaningful (team)work of your life With a scientifically proven method, you’ll give your child the crucial reading skills they need now for a lifetime of learning—while bringing you and your child closer together.

The most valuable collection of tools you didn’t know you needed

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Cultivate a love of reading to last a lifetime

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